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Types of diamond dresser

Single stone dresser

A dresser having one unpolished diamond fixed to the tip of the shank. Diamond used is either natural or synthetic.

Multi-stone dresser

A dresser having several diamonds fixed on one shank.
This dresser is classified into two types; a single layer multi-stone dresser having two or more diamonds embedded in one layer on the surface and a multi-layer multi-stone dresser having laminated layers where diamonds are embedded.
The multi-layer multi-stone dresser is expressed by "xx pieces and xx layers" according to the number of pieces of diamonds embedded in one layer and the number of laminated layers.

Dresser for forming

A dresser having a diamond embedded at the tip that has been formed by polishing, etc. and also called "forming dresser."
The shape of diamond varies according to the shapes of workpieces; conical, pyramidal and roof type. The roof type is sometimes called "chisel dresser."

Impregnated dresser

A dresser having a tip that has a large number of diamond abrasive grains fixed to a desired shape or dimensions by metal binding material and is mounted on one shank.
This dresser is also called "nib dresser" or "bond dresser."

Blade dresser

The blade dresser is a type of the multi-stone dresser and consists of a layer of many diamonds in several rows.

Rotary dresser

A rotary type diamond dresser having diamonds embedded in the periphery.
This dresser comes either in the form shape or straight shape. The form shape requires high form accuracy.
Several types are available; one for internal grinding, one for copy grinding and one for gear grinding. Not only the straight shape, but the cup shape is also available.

Dresser for copy grinding

This is a type of the rotary dresser. This diamond dresser is used to form grinding wheels by use of a dedicated dressing machine.
The general type has prismatic diamonds arranged in one row. This dresser comes in two shapes; straight and cup.

Rotary dresser for gear grinding

This is a type of the rotary dresser. This is a diamond dresser for gear forming of worm-like general grinding wheels.

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