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Formula for calculating cutting process

The circumferential speed ratio is a very important numerical value in setting the use conditions of the rotary dresser.
In general, the low circumferential speed ratio indicates better surface roughness; in contrast, when the ratio approaches 1 (high), the sharpness is emphasized.

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How to Determine Peripheral Speed Ratio

Peripheral speed ratio
Vr [m/min]Rotary dresser peripheral speed
N [min-1]Rotary dresser rotational speed
D [mm]Rotary dresser diameter
π [3.14]Pi
Vs [m/min]Grinding wheel peripheral speed
N [min-1]Grinding wheel rotational speed
D [mm]Grinding wheel diameter
π [3.14]Pi

Determine peripheral speed ratio

Rotary dresser rotational speed(min-1
Grinding wheel rotational speed(min-1
Rotary dresser diameter(mm)
Grinding wheel diameter(mm)
Rotary dresser peripheral speed Vr(m/min)
Grinding wheel peripheral speed Vs(m/min)
Peripheral speed ratio *

* In case of up dress, please add "-", minus, to the number after the calculation.

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