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Troubleshooting a rotary dresser

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Symptom Possible Cause Corrective Action
Dressing sound is high. The dressing resistance is high. Reduce the dresser infeed speed.
Increase the grinding wheel-to-dresser relative speed.
  • Down dressing: Reduce the dresser peripheral speed.
  • Up dressing: Increase the dresser peripheral speed.
The dresser drive unit is faulty. Check the spindle for run-out.
Check the bearing for looseness.
Chattering occurs. The grinder or drive unit vibrates. Adjust the balance of the grinding wheel.
Check the dresser for run-out.
Grinding burn occurs. The grinding wheel cuts poorly. Increase the dressing amount.
Shorten the dress-out time.
The grinding wheel specifications are not adequate. Lower the grinding wheel binding grade.
Grinding fluid supply is not sufficient. Increase the supply.
Check the supply point.
The surface roughness is poor. Dressing conditions are inadequate. Increase the relative peripheral speed.る
Lengthen the dress-out time.
The run-out of the dresser is large. Check the run-out and adjust it if necessary.
Grinding fluid has deteriorated. Change grinding fluid.
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