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Various cutting


Turning is a process of rotating a workpiece and cutting it with a cutting tool.

Lathe machining is typical turning, which machines the workpiece by a general-purpose lathe or an NC lathe using various types of cutting tools. The material and shape of the blade changes according to application.

  • Outer round cuttingOuter round cutting
  • Taper cuttingTaper cutting
  • Tread cuttingTread cutting
  • DrillingDrilling
  • BoringBoring
  • PiercingPiercing
  • FacingFacing
  • KnurlingKnurling

Hole drilling

Drilling is generally a process of attaching a drill to a drilling machine or a machining center to drill a hole in a workpiece. Drilling is also performed with a lathe or a milling machine. A reamer is mainly used for finishing holes. In addition, spot facing, boring, tapping and broaching are also classified as drilling.

  • Hole drillingHole drilling
  • ReamingReaming
  • Spot facingSpot facing
  • TappingTapping


Milling is a cutting process that uses a milling machine or a machining center, using a milling tool with multiple blades.

Milling tools have various shapes, and the machining form changes according to the shape of the workpiece, including flat machining, side machining, and groove machining. End milling is also a type of milling.

  • Flat workFlat work
  • Side millingSide milling
  • T groovingT grooving
  • End millingEnd milling


Broaching is a process using a tool called broach, where a number of cutting edges are arranged in order of dimension along the axis of the outer periphery of a bar body in the broach machine to machine the surface of a workpiece or the inner surface of a hole.

  • BroachingBroaching
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