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Selection of Diamond/CBN wheels by work material

The suitable abrasive material and bond depend on the work material.Diamond wheel is selected for nonferrous materials and CBN wheel are for ferrous materials.Appropriate bond is also selected depending on the material of the work piece 
itself, processing, required accuracy, etc.Following is a general list, so please consult us for actual processing.

Compliance table of diamond/CBN wheels by work material

:Best  ○:Good  △:Possible  Blank:Not suitable

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Workpiece Abrasive Type Surface/Cylindrical Grinding Cutting Drilling
Rough grinding Finishing
ダイヤ CBN B M V P B M V P B M V P B M V P
High-speed tool steel (High-speed steel) SKH          
Alloy tool steel SKS          
Carbon tool steel SK          
Chromium molybdenum steel SCM          
Nickel-chrome molybdenum steel SNCM          
Chromium steel SCr          
High carbon chromium bearing steel SUJ          
Heat-resistant steel SUH          
Ti alloy          
Nimonic Ni-base alloy        
Waspaloy Ni-base alloy        
Udimet Ni-base alloy        
Hastelloy Ni-base alloy        
Inconel Ni-base alloy        
Die steel SKD              
Sprayed metal                    
Stainless steel SUS        
Cast iron FC    
Cemented carbide            
Sintered alloy      
Neodymium magnet Nd2Fe14B        
Sendust Fe-Si-Al alloy        
Alnico magnet Al-Ni-Co        
Alumina Al2O3          
Optical glass            
Thermal expansion coefficient 0 glass            
Quartz glass            
Crystal SiO2          
Zirconia ZrO2          
Silicon carbide SiC          
Silicon nitride Si3N4          
Aluminum nitride AIN          
Silicon Si          
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic CFRP                        
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