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Truing & dressing

Truing and dressing are very important to effectively use diamond/CBN wheels so that they fully demonstrate their excellent performance. No matter how precisely the wheel is attached to the machine, runout occurs at the initial stage after installation.

Also, the abrasive grain layer deteriorates in accuracy and sharpness decreases due to wear in the grinding process. To maintain good sharpness, truing and dressing with a method and condition suitable for the grinding wheel is required.

Immediately after installing the equipment, correcting circumferential runout is required.

Crushing and falling off of abrasive grains reduce sharpness.


Eliminate irregularities on the abrasive surface, as well as runout, and create perfect circle (truing)


Retract bond and project the cutting edge (dressing)

To mold when the grinding surface sways while the wheel is rotating or when the shape has collapsed.
To remove unnecessary bond and chips on the surface, letting abrasive grains project.

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Example of selecting conventional whetstone for truing
Abrasive grain size #60~#140 #170~#270 #325~#500 #600~
B C80K WA120 I GC300H GC500H
M/V C80K C80K WA120 I GC300H

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Example of selecting conventional whetstone for dressing
Abrasive grain size #60~#120 #140~#170 #200~#270 #325~#500 #600~#1000 #1500~
B WA200G WA200G GSC00H GC500H GC1000G GC1500F
M/V WA120 I WA200G WA300G WA300F WA500F GC8001F

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Compliance table of Diamond/CBN wheels truing and dressing
:Best  ○:Good  △:Possible  Blank:Not suitable Truing Dressing
Diamond Wheel CBN Wheel Diamond Wheel CBN Wheel
Truing method and tool
Diamond tool method Rotary Rotary dresser      
Metal wheel                
Electroplated arbor dresser                
Stationary Single stone dresser                        
Multi-stone dresser                    
Impregnated dresser                    
High precision block dresser                
Electroplated block dresser                
Conventional grinding wheel method Rotary Block grinding
Brake control
Cup wheel drive
Stationary Stick
Mild steel method Rotary Mild steel roll
Stationary Mild steel block
Crushing method Crushing roll                
Loose abrasive grain method Abrasive grain lapping
Abrasive grain blasting    
Abrasive grain sludge pouring            
Electric discharge method Electrode                
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